Chaim Soutine and Marc Chagall
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Chaim Soutine
Chaim Soutine

Our stone hommages are a fiction, a phantasmagoria, the main idea of which is the return of Chaim to his homeland, to Belarus and a visit to the old Jewish cemetery, where the artist's brother is buried. Some elements of famous paintings by Ch. Soutine are used in the works, and the "augmented reality" is taken from nature - the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the old Jewish cemetery in Smilovichi, which is near Minsk - the small homeland of Ch. Soutine, an attractive place on the Volma River, etc.

Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall

Hommages based on the works of Marc Chagall are made of noble stones (marble, onyx, travertine, quartzite, etc.) and are aimed at drawing attention to the problem of the preservation of Belarusian synagogues. In particular, the main element of works of our exposition is the Lubavich Synagogue in Vitebsk, which became the spiritual home for the father of the famous artist. Today, the restoration of this synagogue is extremely problematic, but the memory of it will be preserved thanks to our work.

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A painting made of stone is a unique masterpiece of modern art

Our art studio-factory, being one of the European leaders in the field of stone processing, has been producing products of small architectural forms from natural stone for more than thirty years. During this time, we learned all the subtleties of working with this natural material, which allowed us to apply our experience in a new direction for us - the creation of art panels that have no analogues in world culture. The unique method of working with stone developed by us allows us to create works of art that are virtually unaffected by time and are able to preserve their original appearance for centuries.

We took the works of world famous artists - Chaim Soutine and Marc Chagall as a theme for the creation of our art panels. This choice was not made by chance, since it was these masters of world painting who were natives of Belarus, for one reason or another forced to leave their homes and continue their work while in exile. Creating our works, we did not try to accurately copy the canvases of our outstanding compatriots, and, moreover, we do not insist on the authorship of the plot compositions we used. We just tried to create our own homages as a tribute to and reverence for the work of great artists.

The artistic director and author of stone homages based on the famous canvases of H. Soutine is the head of the Glivi companies, Oleg Vitalievich Popelsky. He also acted as the author of the very concept of creating a collection of homages, thematically united by one phantasmagoric story "Soutine - the legend of Litvak Atlantis". Each homage from this collection, as conceived by the author, like a frozen frame from a film, immerses the viewer in the events of H. Soutine's return to his small homeland - Belarus, in the town of Smilovichi, near Minsk. Designed by O.V. Popelsky's stories invite you to return to the beginning of the 20th century, offering you to view various historical and cultural monuments that exist to this day in Smilovichi, Paris, and Minsk. The author of the homages chose the heroes of the well-known portrait works of the Maitre as companions for H. Soutine's amazing journey. The plot content of each of the homages led O.V. Popelsky to the personal selection of those Sutinian characters who, in their outward charisma, most corresponded to the topic being disclosed. So, out of all 187 portrait characters found in the canvases of H. Soutine, O.V. Popelsky initially selected and used (partly with repetition) 68 images. To date, the author has supplemented the story with new stories from the life of H. Soutine, which are related to his work in Paris. Plots from the Parisian life of H. Soutine are combined into a single collection of homages under the heading "Wandering around the" casino "of Montparnasse." This series of homages is unique because, in contrast to the series "Soutine - the legend of Atlantis of the Litvaks", it combined the works of two artist friends - H. Soutine and A. Modigliani. Deep understanding created by O.V. Popelsky's homage testifies to a broad mental relationship between the paintings of the two masters, who belonged to different artistic movements. Thus O.V. Popelsky for the first time confirmed what was discussed by art critics for several decades - the spiritual closeness of the painting of H. Soutine and A. Modigliani, and he did it in an extraordinary way, embodying his plan in the form of homages from natural stone. In the works of O.V. Popelsky with obvious clarity, one can detect the unity of the beauty of the body by Modigliani with the beauty of the soul in the poetics of the brush by H. Soutine.

To date, O.V. Popelsky has developed a full-fledged line of homages, which includes 30 plots telling about the amazing master, his work and his mysterious works. In the homages, you can already recognize 80 characters out of the previously identified 187. Such a number of Soutine characters, presented in an unconventional art form and supported by a fascinating story, does not have any museum institution, including those claiming to be proud of today the largest collection of Soutine paintings. Almost 80 years after the death of H. Soutine, homages to O.V. Popelsky, inspired by the work of the master and embodied many years of experience in practical work with natural stone, are the only marble panels of their kind, which not only update the classics artistically and in an unusual form, but also glorify the artist's skill in a new way. Each work of O.V. Popelsky, like all together, are narrative, plot-driven, eventful, historical.

In work on homages O.V. Popelsky used the technique he developed for combining natural material in various color schemes and observing the pristine nature of the very essence of natural stone. This circumstance made it possible to represent Sutin's paintings in homages in a kaleidoscopic variety of stones of different patterns and colors without the use of artistic writing.

We invite all those interested in the work of H. Soutine to take part in the organization of a large-scale exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great artist. For our part, we are ready to offer for viewing from 60 to 120 homages made of natural marble, made in various techniques. In addition, for a comparative analysis of artistic perception, the same works can be offered for viewing on canvases made in any size.

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В шоке от представленной коллекции. Видели с мужем выставку Сутина в прошлом году в ТРЦ "Dana Mall" в худ.галерее "АртХаос". Впечатление сильное. Картины великолепные как по исполнению, так и по описательной части. Не верится, что все только из камня. Еще раз спасибо за Ваш труд. Обязательно вернемся за покупкой, как и договаривались с директором!



Все картины очень впечатляют. Сложно поверить, что они из мрамора. Посетила салон первый раз, очень рекомендую для любителей необычного. Показалось странным в салоне то, что рядом соседствуют картины Шагала, Сутина, а отдельно от них стоят иконы из мрамора. Однако мне консультант рассказала историю появления картинных экспонатов и стало понятно. Оказывается, каждая икона имеет свою историю появления. Было интересно. Желаю больше посетителей и продаж. Приведу знакомых))



Благодарим за возможность ознакомиться с удивительной коллекцией панно из мрамора, посвященный Х.Сутину. Этот забытый Беларусью художник, достоен такой чудесной выставки в новом прочтении его работ. Прекрасный подарок- сувенирная работа. Еще раз благодарим за выставку.



Впервые вижу нечто подобное... Это "классика в современной обработке"...


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